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Circuit Breaker

You should love dancing fire as much as this guy loves dancing fire

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The Fireside Audiobox is a speaker that plays music and also makes fire dance to the beat of whatever song's playing. The man who created it, Tyron Hazen, is so earnestly passionate about the project, it almost makes me wish I was as into fire dancing as he is. In reality, I’m probably not going to buy a speaker that uses propane to fuel small fires that’ll pulse to music. That’s just me, though. The speaker connects to your device using Bluetooth and is powered through a rechargeable battery.

The Audiobox’s Kickstarter page has it described as a "true DIY experiment that’s been refined for the design enthusiast that loves to get together with friends and turn some heads." Is that you? Preorders start at $349 and don’t come with a propane tank.