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Would you trust this Bluetooth safe to keep your passport locked up?

Would you trust this Bluetooth safe to keep your passport locked up?

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The Vaultek is a connected safe that’s being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It can be unlocked through either a Bluetooth-reliant phone app, a fingerprint scanner, a keyboard with a numeric passcode, or a regular manual key. Users have options. None of these methods are new ideas, so it’s easy to imagine that Vaultek’s creators can create a tangible product if they reach their funding goal. Here’s the thing, though, I don’t know who Vaultek’s creators are and what they’ve produced before.

Given that we’ve seen evidence that most connected devices from unknown companies aren’t reliably secure, Vaultek’s Indiegogo page particularly concerns me. Encryption and cybersecurity aren’t mentioned once. For a company that’s asking to store biometric fingerprint data, that’s not a good sign. We’ve seen how susceptible Bluetooth is to attacks through cheap, accessible hardware. (Even when used on security-oriented devices!)

Is it worth backing an intriguing product if you can’t vet the security claims? I’m going to say probably not. Does this mean you shouldn't back this product? Not necessarily. Just maybe don't store your fingerprints and don't keep your handguns (??) and passport inside. The manual key is probably your best bet for a secure safe. That's no fun, I know.