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Circuit Breaker

Qiub is an unfocused power bank that you probably don't need

No USB-C support combined with a tiny battery

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Qiub (pronounced like cube) is attempting to be the Swiss army knife of power banks, adding on a microSD card reader and a built-in cable that will let you charge and sync your phone to your computer like it's 2010 all over again. Currently on Indiegogo, Qiub doesn't require any additional cables, which is nice, but it also won't fully recharge any phone on the market thanks to a tiny 1,500mAh battery (the company says it can bring an iPhone 6 from zero to 50 percent).

While not having to carry any additional cords around is convenient, the tiny battery in the Qiub may not be enough for most people, especially if you have a bigger device like a Note 7 or iPhone 6S Plus. It does support up to 64GB microSD cards which can be read by computers and certain smartphones. But the other downside is thanks to the built-in cables and lack of USB-C support — the Qiub will ship two versions, an iPhone version and an Android version featuring a Micro USB cord — users with newer Android phones won't be able to take advantage of the device.

You can back the company for as low as $29 on Indiegogo to get your hands on a unit. The Qiub is expected to ship in November if it hits its funding goals.