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Circuit Breaker

This speaker pillow is 'powerful, expressive, and bold,' not 'versatile, outlandish, or impatient'

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Earlier this summer I wrote about the Zeeq pillow, which tracked a user’s sleep and also played music through its eight built-in speakers. Today I learned about a similar product called Kushion that’s a pillow speaker that plays music aloud. Unlike the Zeeq, which was meant for only a sleeper’s ears, the Kushion plays music for an entire room.

It’s made of ultra carbon leather and definitely seems perfect for Brookstone. I am extremely unclear on what ultra carbon leather is. The pillow can play music through an aux connection or over Bluetooth. Up to four people can connect to it at once, Kushion’s creators say, when the pillow’s in "party mode." It also weighs nearly six pounds, so I can’t imagine someone would want to throw this thing around. Also because it’s meant to project its sound, I don’t think someone would want to put their ear directly on it.

The Kushion also charges phones and broadcasts phone calls. But just in case you’re confused about this speaker pillow, what it stands for, and what its design is communicating, Kushion’s makers made a helpful list. See here:


Please don’t mix it up. Kushion is ambitious, but not impulsive; it’s savvy, but not pretentious; and it’s technical, but not geeky. Kushion’s website is launching next week and will include pricing information.