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The HTC 10 is now available in a devilish red and 'topaz gold' in the US

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HTC is brightening up its HTC 10 color lineup in the US today. The company is releasing its flagship phone in two new colors: Camellia Red and Topaz Gold. Up until now, buyers have only been able to choose between a Carbon Gray and a Glacier Silver. The fresh color options are also part of HTC's deal that takes $100 off any 10s bought on its website.

The $599 price tag comes with the option to add on the JBL Reflect Aware C noise-canceling USB-C earbuds for half their normal price. So $699 could get you a new phone and earbuds.

Here’s the red:


And here’s the gold:


Both colors are available for preorder now. HTC usually only releases its red version in Japan, so we're getting a treat. Are you enticed by red?