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Samsung-backed smart shoes will be available in February

Samsung-backed smart shoes will be available in February

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Samsung's goal with the Internet of Things is to connect literally everything, and apparently one of the first things up is your shoes. A Samsung spinoff company, called Salted Venture, announced a pair of smart golfing shoes and smart fitness sneakers back in February, and now it's preparing to launch the first of them. The Iofit golf shoes are now available to preorder on Kickstarter, where they're selling for around $200, with plans to begin shipping in February.

The shoes, which need to be synced with a smartphone, are meant to track a golfer's swing and posture and then provide them with immediate feedback. The intention is to quickly inform golfers of what they're doing wrong and how they can improve, without requiring a trainer to follow them around all day. The measurements are done through pressure sensors inside the Iofit shoes, which are used to detect how the wearer's weight is shifting during a swing.

We got to try out the Iofit shoes earlier this year. And while they sound like a ridiculous concept, our first impression was that they're surprisingly effective. You can read our write-up right here. The fitness sneakers are expected later in 2017.