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HoloVit wants to let you watch and create holograms in your home

HoloVit wants to let you watch and create holograms in your home


But doesn't say exactly how it will do that

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Remember that time CNN made Wolf Blitzer talk to a hologram of Jessica Yellin which made America ask the question, why would we ever need holograms? No? Blocked it out? Well lucky for you, a company called HoloVit wants to reinvigorate that nightmare give you the ability to watch and create holograms in your home.

The HoloVit is a hologram kit that supposedly lets you watch holograms using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an additional screen, although it is very light on technical details. According to the company, you can "watch hundreds of online videos as hologram shows" although it doesn't say where those videos came from. HoloVit says it's also building a holographic game, and you can create your own holograms, using a recording set featuring giant black tarp that looks very professional.


Does all of this sound dubious? Totally. The Indiegogo page is very light on any kind of specifications as to how this will work, other than this totally reassuring sentence:

After recording the video, face the HoloVit screen toward your tablet or smartphone and play the video. This creates a hologram.Given the lack of details, anyone who backs this product is buying into this crowdfunding campaign essentially on faith (or more faith than usual). But who knows, maybe HoloVit is like the also-secretive company Palantir and will end up turning into a Silicon Valley darling.

Or not. Probably not.