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Magical new color-mixing pen may break world record for most colors in a pen

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The Cronzy pen puts over 16 million colors in your pocket

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Prototypes of real-life eyedropper tools already exist (like the Spector, which can identify fonts and colors), and the Cronzy pen is no different when it comes to detecting colors. But what makes Cronzy special is that it contains ink cartridges that let you actually draw these colors you've scanned. Cronzy claims that it can scan and draw 16 million colors, collecting "all the existing colors and shades of the world!" The only way we can put these bold claims to the test is if we count out each one (coming soon to a 23-day Facebook live video near you).

Check out this gif from the promotional video, which demonstrates how the pen would work:

cronzy Cronzy

You can also use the app on iOS, Android, and Windows phone to choose a color:

Multipen OfficeMax

At first glance, the concept for the Cronzy pen seems wildly disputable. This video of a prototype, which uses an algorithm and solenoid valves for mixing CMYKW colors, has won me over though:


It's unclear whether the colors are mixed on the fly as the colors are chosen and you write. A lot of things are unclear at this stage! Cronzy has two months left to reach its goal of $200,000 on Indiegogo, and I'm crossing my fingers that it does, so I can take a better look at it. Until it becomes a reality though, we still have these sweet retro pens to tide us over:

Multipen OfficeMax