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Finally, a way to play Roomba beer pong without a Roomba


Beer pong, a decades-old staple of the modern American college experience, deserves a reboot. We gotta make it more high tech. Pongbot could be the start of a rethinking of the game. The beer pong-oriented robot just launched on Kickstarter and is basically a cup holder on wheels. The robot moves around to make sinking a ball more difficult. The robot’s manufacturers note that you can use Pongbot "with non-alcoholic beverages or no beverage at all!" So it’s perfect for kids, right?

Now, I find Pongbot’s Kickstarter page to be a little suspicious. The team couldn’t seem to decide whether to capitalize the "b" in Pongbot, so sometimes it’s spelled PongBot. Also, there aren’t even images on the campaign page. This seems odd. If you feel confident enough to back the project, though, Pongbot starts at $40. If not, you can always just tape cups to your Roomba and play Roomba Beer Pong.