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This video shows the PS4 Slim turning on

This video shows the PS4 Slim turning on


New PlayStations are on the horizon

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Eurogamer has gotten its hands on a working version of the rumored PS4 Slim, seemingly confirming the leaked images of the console that came out yesterday. A report from The Wall Street Journal also corroborates the existence of a smaller PlayStation 4, stating Sony will unveil a less expensive version of its gaming console alongside a higher-end model at its event on September 7th.

The video — which Eurogamer has taken down "upon taking legal advice" — showed the PS4 Slim booting up and displaying the home screen. Although the small possibility remains that this is an elaborate fake, evidence suggests the PS4 Slim is a real device that we should be getting more details about in a couple weeks. Hopefully Sony will make one in white.

Update: August 22nd, 5:30PM: Eurogamer has pulled the video "upon taking legal advice," but the video has been re-uploaded to YouTube here (for now).

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