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You won't look cool wearing the NodPod, but that's okay because you're practical

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The NodPod solves a real problem. When we fall asleep in random places, like on airplanes and in the car, our heads nod, and we temporarily wake up. One: this is annoying. Two: this hurts necks. It’s a big-time sleep bummer. The NodPod is essentially a head cradle. It prevents your head from bobbing and thereby lets you sleep more soundly. I’m a big fan of anything that lets me sleep better. I am a potential fan of the NodPod.

Here’s the thing with it, though. It looks incredibly nerdy. I’m sure people would envy you if you had it on a plane, but I also think you’d definitely be the subject of some teen’s discrete snaps. Whatever, though, right? You’re practical. Being practical doesn’t mean you have to be fashionable. The NodPod can be backed on Kickstarter and starts at $32.