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LG employs wacky designs for its new Bluetooth speakers

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LG has a trio of new Bluetooth speakers it's planning to show off at IFA next month in Berlin, and they’re some of the weirder-looking audio products to hit the market this year. Called the PH2, PH3, and PH4, these brightly colored speakers each take on a different shape. You have your standard cylindrical design for the PH4, which is a splash-resistant 16-watt speaker. But move down to the PH3, and you’re in full-blown candle territory. The PH2, on the other hand, looks like an enlarged Oreo cookie.

There’s no pricing yet. But with less-than-stellar battery life (10-hours for the PH4 and PH3, and six for the PH2), expect LG to charge somewhere in the $50 to $120 range, starting at the low end with the PH2. LG says it will start selling the speakers at US retailers this fall.