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Samsung’s ultra-portable Scoop speaker revealed by FCC docs

Samsung’s ultra-portable Scoop speaker revealed by FCC docs

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FCC filings spotted by AusDroid seem to have revealed the existence of a new Bluetooth speaker built by Samsung — the appropriately named Scoop. Included in the filing are images of the interior and exterior of the device, as well as its user manual, a document that describes how users can connect the Scoop to smartphones via Bluetooth to play music.

The pictures show the Scoop's small footprint — it's about 10 centimeters in diameter — suggesting that it's built for portability. The device even comes with a strap, a light-brown loop of material that looks like leather, and will be able to slip handily over a user's wrist. Once paired up with a music-playing device, you'll be able to change tracks on the body of the speaker itself without fishing your phone out of your pocket, using the Scoop's buttons to skip and pause tracks.

Samsung has yet to confirm that the Scoop even exists, let alone provide a release date or an idea of pricing, but with its manual complete, the device may soon be ready to be shown to the world.