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Amazfit is trying to make wearables fashionable, but I don't think it's working

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Most silicon band wearables are the antithesis of fashion. I don’t think there's anything aesthetically pleasing about wearing a thick, brightly colored band of rubber around your wrist, so I can appreciate companies that want to improve this norm in display-less wearable style. Amazfit is one of those companies. Its ceramic wearable, which was modeled after Chinese jade pendants, is meant to be fashionable. It’s got a natural vibe, too. The wearable comes in two wristband styles called Moonbeam and Equator. Very zen. The Amazfit tracks steps, sleep, and calories through its companion iOS / Android app. The device will also vibrate with calls. It doesn’t have a display. Is the Amazfit fashionable? I’m not so sure.

Let’s have Amazfit explain its fashion choices to you. Here are some snippets from its press release. "The aesthetic combination of gold and leather represents class and elegance." Also, "[the Amazfit Equator is] designed to offer sleek sophistication, the ceramic shell is surrounded by a simple, minimalistic band in complementary matted black or rose gold tones." I love when I’m told what design elements mean.

I do like that ceramic is hypoallergenic, seriously. Everyone should be able to opt into the wearable economy. Also this does seem to be a step up from the silicon bands, but I'm still not convinced this fixes wearables' style problems, especially considering it has to be explained. Good design communicates for itself; adjectives aren't needed.

But if you dig the Amazfit it’s available for $79.99 on Amazon.