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This standing desk could sync with your smart home devices

This standing desk could sync with your smart home devices


The Gaze Desk

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There is a long list of standing desks that promise to improve your posture and help ease the neck pain many people suffer as they sit and stare at a computer for multiple hours a day, but the Gaze Desk may be the first smart desk to qualify as a gadget.

The Gaze Desk, which can switch between standing and sitting at the press of a button, features dual lift controls that allow you to adjust the height of your monitor independently from the desk, according to the company. It can automatically adjust to your preferred settings once you approach, track your posture using sensors on the desk, and alert you through its app when you've been sitting for too long, or even automatically raise to the standing position.

It also features Bluetooth LE and IFTTT support, which allows it to sync with other smart devices in your home and, for example, turn on your desk lamp and fan when you sit down at the desk. Currently on Kickstarter, the Gaze Desk will be available in six different designs including a kids version when it ships in December and will start at $2,000 for the dual lift version. But early backers can get one for as low as $899 while supplies last.