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Sony's $25 USB dongle adds full DualShock 4 support to PC and Mac

Sony's $25 USB dongle adds full DualShock 4 support to PC and Mac


Due to start shipping in September

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Sony is bringing official DualShock 4 support to Windows PCs and OS X. Today, alongside the announcement of PlayStation Now's upcoming release on Windows, the company revealed a new $24.99 USB adapter that will enable "every feature" of the PlayStation 4 gamepad. It will begin shipping in September.

Specifically, Sony says the dongle opens up full access to "buttons, analog sticks, touch pad, light bar, motion sensors, vibration, and stereo headset jack" — so long as those features are all supported by whatever game application you're using. You can already use the DualShock 4 for the basics by pairing over Bluetooth or plugging it in directly with a USB cable, but now the controller's full capabilities will be unlocked.

Sony probably assumes most people will be getting the adapter for a more convenient experience when playing PS Now (in the case of PC) or streaming PS4 games over Remote Play (both Windows and Mac). But it's nice to see the company itself being more active across platforms, so you won't need to turn to third-party tools anymore. In the comments of today's Sony blog post, a company employee confirmed that the new adapter only supports a single DS4 controller, but you can "connect a second controller with a USB cord" to play multiplayer through PS Now.