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This wallet is an affront to common sense

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Convergence is the ultimate goal of most technological developments, but there are some areas of life that don’t benefit from it. A good example: valuable items that you might keep about your person. Don’t converge those. As a seasoned traveler, I know to keep my passport in one pocket, my money in another, my phone in a third spot, and my keys in a fourth. That way if I lose one thing, I don’t lose them all.

I diversify my risk portfolio.

Well, the Intrepid Travel Wallet is the anti-Vlad. It says to hell with caution — I guess that’s why they’re calling it "intrepid" — and wants you to bundle everything useful (and thus valuable) into one fat leather pack. The Intrepid will accommodate your phone, passport, credit cards, big and small change, and even a pen. It’s the ultimate integrated pouch, and the ultimate attraction for an efficiency-conscious thief.

Needless to say, the $99 Intrepid wallet has already been overfunded on Kickstarter, where early backers get to slice $20 off the price. Somehow, silly ideas like this seem to always find a willing audience. Seriously, who are these people that buy $750 iPhones only to then cram them into a plastic window at the front of a chunky Grizzly Leather wallet?