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Here’s what Hasselblad’s rumored camera module for the Moto Z might look like

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Moto G3

Back in May we saw possible backplates for Lenovo’s modular Moto Z. All of them, including a projector and speaker, ultimately turned out to be real, but the rumored camera module that looked to come complete with a grip, sensor, lens, and flash never showed up. Lenovo instead focused on the phone’s default 13-megapixel camera. But now, months later, we might be getting that camera, and Hasselblad might be making it...or at least affixing its brand to it.

Newly leaked photos show a Hasselblad module that has a 10X optical zoom lens. There aren’t details on the sensor, though, so we have no idea how well this camera might work.


MotoG3 reports that the photos surfaced online and that Lenovo is planning to introduce the module at IFA in Berlin this year. Here’s a bigger version of the top photo:

Moto G3

I hope the camera comes with the fedoras.