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This year's summer blockbuster is a drone ad

This year's summer blockbuster is a drone ad

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China-based company Wingsland launched its new S6 drone this past week with probably the best short action film that hawks a product. The movie turns the S6 into a protagonist that eventually helps track down criminals with its spotlight and reunite couples through its removable emoji display board. In my unofficial movie critic opinion, this ad is quality viewing. It builds enough mystery to keep the viewer intrigued. S6 is referenced before we know who or what it is. The twist of it being a drone? I didn’t see that coming. And it ends happily! SPOILER ALERT: the S6 saves the day.

Sometimes you have to commend a commercial. I don’t do it often, but you know, today I’m feeling generous with my compliments. Good one, Wingsland.

If you’re like wow this commercial really made me want an S6, Ashley, where can I buy it? I have no answers for you. I’m going to assume the drone’s only for sale in China. Let’s say you have a way to get to China and are interested in living out your own drone fantasies, here are some facts about the S6 that can factor into your buying decision. It’s got a 13-megapixel camera, weighs half a pound, and shoots 4K video. What you really care about, though, is that you can attach and remove a toy gun module, a searchlight, and an emoji display board. Heh cool.