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OnePlus made a new pair of earbuds called Bullets

OnePlus made a new pair of earbuds called Bullets

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OnePlus has been making cheap and stylish accessories to go along with its cheap and stylish smartphones, and its latest addition is a pair of earbuds. They’re called the Bullets V2, and they’re the successor to 2014’s Silver Bullets earbuds.

The new model makes some small changes that give the earbuds a fuller, more polished look. They also switch over to a flat cord, which should limit tangling, and still include a mic and volume controls.

OnePlus Bullets V2 earbuds

Style really isn't everything

While the new Bullets do look pretty good, they also look like a lot of other in-ear headphones out there. You can find plenty of cheap knockoffs just like them on Amazon — I actually bought a pair once, from a company that seemingly didn't exist and only had reviews from paid promotors, just to see how they'd sound, and they were pretty terrible. So keep in mind that style doesn't necessarily mean much when it comes to inexpensive earbuds like these.

That said, some companies, like Xiaomi, are making great products in this price range, so it’s not at all impossible that OnePlus has something good here. Pricing and availability haven’t been announced for the Bullets V2 yet, but one would imagine they’ll be in the same ballpark as the original Bullets, which sell for $14.99.

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