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Philips Hue lights now have greener greens

Philips Hue lights now have greener greens


And cyaner cyans

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Philips Hue updated A19 bulb green

Philips’ color-changing Hue bulbs have largely done a good job at producing rich and accurate colors. But a couple spots have been weaker than others, and today Philips is addressing two big ones: green and cyan.

A new version of Philips’ A19 color-changing bulb is rolling out and it does a much better job at producing these two colors. If you’ve ever tried to make an existing Hue bulb turn green, you probably noticed that it’s really washed out. Cyan isn’t quite as bad, but it’s not nearly as rich as Hue’s other colors.

I got to see the new bulb side by side with the old bulb, and the difference is pretty dramatic. The new green is bright and colorful, as is the cyan. The colors are now much stronger than they used to be, even at full brightness.

Philips Hue new A19 bulb cyan

While it’s hard to imagine wanting to use a bright green light very often, Philips has other reasons for wanting to improve its bulbs’ color range. Its lights are increasingly being integrated with other entertainment, like TV and video games, and those are likely to pull up an otherworldly green.

These richer colors have already been part of Philips’ LightStrip and Go lamp. They won’t be present in all A19 bulbs immediately, so you’ll have to wait for the existing stock to sell out. Once it does, you’ll start seeing bulbs and starter kits with a "richer colors" badge in the corner. Those bulbs will all be dropping in price, too, coming down to $50 from their current price of $60.