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Pour one out, Google discontinued its 2015 Chromebook Pixel

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New Chromebook Pixel

Google discontinued its latest Pixel Chromebook this past month after letting it sell out on the Google Store and at Best Buy stores. The company confirmed to VentureBeat that it had no plans to restock the Chromebook, which was released in February 2015, and was its only laptop. Google sold two versions of its 2015 Pixel; one for $999, which was discontinued in April, and another for an extra $300 called the Chromebook Pixel LS, which had a faster Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

With sales of the Pixel ending, Google is effectively no longer making laptops, although we're sure the hardware team will be back. The company is also still selling its Pixel C tablet that comes with an optional keyboard.

Nilay’s mom will probably be sad, but at least she got a Pixel before they were retired to their grave! Now you’re probably wondering what your next best Chromebook should be, right? We’ve got you covered.