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Tile's new Slim tracker might actually fit in your wallet

Tile's new Slim tracker might actually fit in your wallet

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Tile's already been keeping track of our stuff for a couple years, but only now is it creating a version thin enough that it’ll fit in a wallet comfortably. Tile says its new Slim device is as thin as two credit cards stacked on top of each other. Its actual dimensions are 54 x 54 x 2.4mm. An average credit card is nearly exactly 54mm wide and 0.76mm thick. So while Tile claims the Slim is as thin as two stacked credit cards, it’s probably closer to three. The Verge’s own Dieter Bohn wrote in his review of the original Tile that it was too thick to fit in wallets; the original Tile's dimensions were 37 x 37 x 5.3mm. Maybe the Slim is what we needed.

Most everything else about the Slim is the same as the old Tile. If you mark a device as lost in your Tile app, the tracker on your gadget wIll ring until you're able to find whatever you lost. The Slim comes with four different ringer options and reaches a 82dB volume, which is louder than conversation but not going to destroy your ears. The Tile Slim will cost $30 each or $100 for a pack of four. It’s available on Tile’s website now and will be in retail stores, like Best Buy, Apple, and Target, on Friday, September 2nd.


Along with the introduction of the Slim, Tile is launching its Tile Smart Location Platform, which will let developers and manufacturers build Tile into their own Bluetooth products. Essentially, those products will be traceable through Tile’s app. The more people that use the app, the more effectively people can find their lost stuff, or at least that's how Tile sees it. You might never lose anything ever again if you’ve got the platform in your wallet, on your keys, in your scooter, and in your smartwatch. Just don’t forget to replace your Tile when those batteries die.