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Asus' ZenScreen is a portable 15-inch monitor that gives your laptop a second screen

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Asus is introducing a new portable monitor today at IFA in Berlin. The ZenScreen MB16AC is a 15.6-inch monitor that's designed to be taken on the road. It weighs less than two pounds and is only 8mm thin. Asus claims it's the "world's lightest and slimmest full HD portable monitor" as a result. Asus has equipped its ZenScreen with a USB Type-C port that supports transmission of power and video, and compatibility for existing USB ports.

The ZenScreen is also practically an edge-to-edge display thanks to its 6.5mm bezels, so it will look good alongside laptops that have really tiny bezels. Asus has also bundled the ZenScreen with a 1mm foldable smart case which also provides a horizontal or vertical stand. If you don't use the smart case then you can insert a pen into a hole at the bottom of the display to prop it up. Asus isn't providing an exact release date yet, but the ZenScreen will be available for 269 Euro (approximately $300).

Asus ZenScreen