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Acer’s new pet cam will let you play whack-a-mole with your dog

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Pawbo, a subsidary of Acer, is introducing its new pet cam at IFA this week. The Pawbo+ works like most other pet cams. It comes with a laser pointer, just like the Petcube Play does, so cat owners can play with their lil bub from afar; it has a treat dispenser that lets owners toss their pets food throughout the day, just like the Furbo; and it live streams footage to owners' phones. But the Pawbo+ differs from other pet cams in that up to eight people can simultaneously access that live stream. The camera will also eventually pair with accessories, including a whack-a-mole game called the "Pawbo Punch" and the "Pawbo Catch," which teases cats. Users can store their video to either Dropbox or Google Drive, and photos are stored locally on phones.

Pawbo+ will be available starting in November for $169. That’s just in time to buy every single one of my family members their own pet cam for the holidays.