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Archos will release its first drone in October

Archos will release its first drone in October

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Archos is the latest company to get in on the drone craze with its aptly named Archos Drone. The £79.99 ($104) quadcopter is designed for beginners, with an easy-to-use controller, a selection of automated flying modes, and a max flight time of nine minutes. The Archos Drone comes with a not-so-great 1MP camera, which won't be great for taking photos or video, but you can watch a live stream of the flight path on your iOS or Android smartphone, which can be mounted on the controller.

Archos Drone

The company says the Archos Drone can be flown indoors as well as outside, can execute 360-degree flips, and comes with LED lights for night flights. The propellers are also replaceable, and with the drone weighing in at a light 135g, it can reach speeds up to 25 kmh (15 mph). Archos says the Drone will be available for purchase in October from its website and through multiple retailers globally.