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Circuit Breaker

Logitech has finally made quiet mice

The M220 Silent and the M330 Silent Plus mice

Logitech has announced its first silent mice, which will hopefully be enough to convince your boss to replace those aging mice that torment your ears on a daily basis. The company is releasing two versions of the quiet clicker: the M220 Silent and the M330 Silent Plus. Logitech says they reduce noise by 90 percent over standard mice. The mice have even received the Quiet Mark seal of approval from the Noise Abatement Society, so that's good.

Logitech Silent Mice

Logitech says you'll still get the familiar click feeling, but without the annoying sound that bothers everyone around you. The M220 Silent will retail for $25 when it's released in October, and the M330 Silent Plus — which features a 24-month battery life compared to the 18-month battery life in the M220 — will cost $30 when it comes out in September (both mice run on AA batteries). You can preorder both mice today from Logitech's website.