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Can anyone explain these orbs to me?

Can anyone explain these orbs to me?

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A levitating charger for the Apple Watch and Pebble came up on Kickstarter today. It's called Lift, the Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp. We already have floating lightbulbs, floating cups, floating phone chargers. Pretty much everything levitates now, except for humans and hoverboards. It’s a great time to be a levitation enthusiast.

Feel free to check out the whole levitating charger experience over on Lift’s Kickstarter page. Here’s what you need to know, though: the floating part on which the watch sits is also a portable battery pack, so it can be taken on the go. Also, the base of the Lift doubles as a charger for special lights that Lift calls Orbs. Lift really loves its Orbs. It wants you to own the Orbs.

You could get one Lift and one Orb.

Or you could get a Lift and two Orbs for $100 more.

You’re following along, right? This is where things get a little complicated.

For $159 more, you still only get one Lift, although it’s the Pro version that can also charge tablets and phones, along with five Orbs.


For $250 more, you can have 10 Orbs and one Lift Pro. That’s a lot of Orbs! And only one charger for those Orbs! If I could insert the thinking face emoji here I would.

Someone, please, explain why you need all these Orbs. Does this math check out? What's the deal with Orbs?