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Povie turns your smartphone into a necklace for shooting first-person video

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I want to say that this smartphone necklace is a ridiculous product that no one will ever buy, because who would want to be seen using a smartphone like this? And how convenient is it really? And can you even control it properly this way? But I also would have said those things about selfie sticks, and clearly I was wrong there. So very possibly smartphone necklaces are going to be the biggest thing ever by the end of the year.

This product is called the Povie, and it's basically a weird collar that you can mount any phone onto by sticking a magnet on its back. It's intended to let you film first-person videos so that you can record and share your point of view (or your "POV" — get it?). The company behind it, Edelkrone, made a video showing the kind of footage the Povie could result in and generally making life seem way more exciting than what most of us do day-to-day:

It's honestly kind of a compelling pitch, even if it doesn't make the idea of a smartphone necklace seem that much less ridiculous. One of better uses it highlights is live-streaming, which this could make a lot of sense for as it'd allow the streamer to more freely ride around on their Boosted Board go about what they're doing. The Povie is on sale now for $49.99. Or you can wait until cheap knockoffs are available at every tourist destination next summer.