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Don't fly a drone while wearing a VR headset on the edge of a cliff

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This should go without saying, but please don't fly a drone while wearing a virtual reality headset and sitting on the edge of a cliff. I'd go further and say that you shouldn't wear a VR headset while on the edge of a cliff or even fly a drone while on the edge of a cliff period. It's simple, people: you could fall very easily. And, at a bare minimum, it would hurt. Not recommended, both for your safety and the promising future of virtual reality and / or drones.

I don't know that anyone has actually done this, but drone manufacturer Yuneec is very much promising to make it a possibility. It's started selling a VR headset called the SkyView that connects to two of its Typhoon drones and lets you see through their onboard camera. It's a pretty basic headset — there doesn't appear to be head tracking here or any other special features — so it's really just an immersive screen that fills your vision with the drone's point of view. Again, this could be dangerous if you're sitting near the edge of a cliff, as you wouldn't be aware of your surroundings. Also dangerous:

skyview headset-news-Yuneec Yuneec

Why does Yuneec have the worst recommendations for places to pilot your drone from?

I do, at least, have some reason to believe that the cliff picture is Photoshopped. Not only because it looks super fake, but also because Yuneec actually updated it after the fact to cut out the Nike logos on the guy's socks. It probably could have done a better job:

skyview headset-news-Yuneec Yuneec

Assuming you've decided to pilot your drone from inside a virtual reality headset while standing or seated in a safe location (preferably with someone not wearing a virtual reality headset watching over you, since it would be very easy to mess with someone flying a drone in VR in public) this actually seems like a neat idea. Piloting a drone through VR could make it easier for filmmakers to tell if they've framed the perfect shot, and drone enthusiasts may simply get a more engaging flight out of this.

The SkyView has a 5-inch, 720p display with a 75.5-degree field of view (the Rift and Vive have a 110-degree field of view). The headset also has an HDMI input, so you could hook it up to use as a monitor to use it while playing games or watching videos. It's available now for $249.99. Don't forget to pick up Yuneec's enormous drone remote, too.