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Nike is selling $1,200 sunglasses that you probably don't need

The Nike Wing

Nike made a special set of sunglasses for its track and field athletes participating in the Rio Olympics, and now you can buy a pair for yourself. For $1,200. The Nike Wing is a single body, curved glass "sun shield" — which the company says is the first of its kind — that wraps around your temples to eliminate the need for hinges.

Nike Wing

Designed in partnership with German optical manufacturer Zeiss, the Wing features a ventilated silicone brow-bar to prevent fogging, and fractal cuts for enhanced aerodynamics. The Wing also weighs four ounces less than your average pair of sunglasses, and comes in contact with your face at fewer points, which I guess is important when you're trying to win a race. But do you need these while you play a round of golf or chill at the beer garden? Nah.

The Nike Wing will be available today on