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Kim Kardashian designed a pair of LuMee iPhone cases and they're gross

Kim Kardashian designed a pair of LuMee iPhone cases and they're gross


Beautiful selfies, hideous cases

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Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

App mogul Kim Kardashian West is adding another line to her already crowded résumé this week: iPhone case designer. Kardashian endorses case company LuMee — they make the ones with built-in selfie lighting you might've seen — and she's collaborated with the manufacturer on two new designs, both of which involve heavy use of marble. (That's "marble," to be clear — these things aren't chiseled out of countertop material.) The black marble case is available on LuMee's website now for $54.95 USD, and the white marble version is available for preorder.

It's possible to make a case for LuMee's products if you're a true selfie enthusiast, but I can't imagine anyone making an aesthetic argument for Kardashian's debut designs. The marble looks a little tacky in either color, and it doesn't pair well with the black camera ring and button used to operate the case's lighting. (If I was being forced to pick one of LuMee's new designs, I'd probably go with its American flag unit first despite my well-documented Canadian patriotism.) If the marble's somehow working for you and you're rocking an iPhone 6 or 6S, you can pick up the cases on LuMee's website. I'm sure Kim will appreciate your purchase.