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Philips might finally release a motion detector for Hue lights

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A Philips Hue motion detector may soon be a reality, according to a new FCC filing spotted by Dave Zatz. Instead of having to deal with a second smart home system like SmartThings to get a proper motion sensor, Philips Hue owners may soon be able to easily integrate a sensor designed to work with their lights.

Philips Hue motion sensor

It shouldn't be that expensive either, according to British online retailer Alza, which has the motion sensor available for preorder for £34 ($44). The description says the motion sensor will have a 100-degree field of view over five meters, which is less than the 120-degree field of view on SmartThings' motion sensor, but still good nonetheless.

With Alza pegging September as the possible release date, It shouldn't be too long before we find out more about Philips Hue's motion sensor.