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Gadget Thirst Trap: A tattoo robot, a pen that creates 16 million colors, and a booze gadget

Gadget Thirst Trap: A tattoo robot, a pen that creates 16 million colors, and a booze gadget

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Gadget Thirst Trap rounds up the weirdest gadgets of the week that made us thirsty for more. Be sure to follow The Verge on Snapchat for the video edition.

A tattooing robot

The first thing that grabs my attention about this GIF of a robot tattooing a human is the duct tape. That leg is strapped down with no hope of movement. Looks like an enjoyable experience! While I do think an integral part of getting a tattoo is the time spent bonding with another person over art, I struggle to trust someone else’s potentially wobbly hands. Should we pick a silent robot with steady arms, or a sometimes-flawed human who probably can make us laugh through the pain? How do those duct tape straps factor into our decision? Who knows! These are the deep questions we’ll deal with in the future! For now, tattooing robot is only a video on the internet.


The Cronzy is a pen that can detect and capture colors. It reminds me of the Spector. The difference here, though, is that the Cronzy not only takes colors in, but also lets a user draw with them. The pen supposedly replicates more than 16 million colors. I didn’t even know that many colors existed! The prototype relied on CMYKW ink and an algorithm to replicate colors, which actually makes sense. Alright Cronzy, I want to see you. It’s on Indiegogo now and starts at $139.


The Internet of Things has finally entered into its boozin’ phase. See the Kuvée as exhibit A. Now we’ve got the Alchema, a gadget that’s supposed to make creating your own cider or wine easier. It pairs with a companion iOS app that’ll send a notification when the batch is done. I’m skeptical the app will actually stay connected and send updates, but I’m also intrigued by the idea of connected alcohol gadgets. Keep up with the alcohol innovations, gadget makers. I’m watching for you.