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Do you want your toast to remind you to pay your bills?

Do you want your toast to remind you to pay your bills?

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The creators of a new gadget on Kickstarter called the Toasteroid want people to make the most of their morning toast time. Yes, toast is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it serves no functional purpose in our lives beyond satisfying hunger. We’re busy people; we have things to do, and we need to optimize our time. The Toasteroid lets users design images to go on their toast through a companion iOS / Android app. More crucially, they can program it to print the day’s weather or a reminder. See below:

He looks so happy to have realized he needs to pay his bills. He’s also so productive! A phone call and toast and a reminder to pay the bills? The future.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the idea of printing on toast, although we haven’t seen it done commercially before. In 2008, an industrial designer created the scan toaster to create a similar effect, and two years ago, a company launched a selfie toaster. It only worked by sending in a selfie ahead of time, though. Toasteroid apparently uses microfilament technology to create designs. I don’t doubt the toaster can create an image, but I wonder how clear it would actually be. That being said, Toasteroid is a Kickstarter campaign, so who knows if it's more of a dream gadget or something that can ship.

More importantly, is this the best way to get the forecast?