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Lomography's next instant camera should take way better photos

Lomography's next instant camera should take way better photos

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When I reviewed the Lomo Instant last spring, I said I wished Lomography had taken a little more inspiration from its own LC-A and developed a great automatic exposure system for its first instant camera, given the expense of instant film. Well, here we are a little over a year later, and it looks like Lomography may have done just that.

The Lomo Instant Automat is an updated model that Lomography describes as "the most advanced automatic instant camera," with aperture, shutter speed, and flash adjusting automatically depending on the lighting situation. Focusing is still manual, the film is still Fujifilm's Instax Mini format, and you'll still be able to use a range of accessory lenses.

If Lomography has done a good job with the exposure system, the Lomo Instant Automat might just find a happy medium between the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90's class-leading image quality and the original Lomo Instant's charm. Of course, that's a question that can't really be answered without testing the final product. But it does seem as though Lomography wants you to waste less expensive instant film with this latest camera, at least.

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Also, there are now cute LEDs to show you how many shots you have left. So.

The Lomo Instant Automat went on Kickstarter yesterday and, as is usually the case with Lomography campaigns, almost instantly blew through its small funding target of $100,000. The camera is set to ship in December and is available to order from $96 at the moment; retail price will be $149.