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Libratone's active noise-canceling earbuds rely on Lightning for power

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Hopefully Apple packs a larger battery inside its rumored headphone jack-free next iPhone, because there's about to be another power suck: headphones. Libratone, the company famed for adding a handle to a Bluetooth speaker, has struck on another obvious innovation by killing the battery pack and powering its new Q Adapt In-Ear headphones with active noise cancellation from an iPhone or iPad's Lightning connector — a trick Philips brought to over-the-ear headphones back in 2015.

Noise cancellation isn't everybody's favorite thing, but thankfully Libratone has made the feature adjustable with its "CityMix" feature, letting you set exactly how much noise you want canceled on a scale of one to four.

Libratone is also announcing a pair of Q Adapt On-Ear wireless headphones that work over Bluetooth, have CityMix noise canceling, and include an honest-to-goodness backup analog audio cable to put in your drawer next to your USB to serial adapter and DVD drive.

The headphones will be available for preorder this month. The In-Ear model is $179, and the On-Ear will go for $249.