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You can stream Sony’s 4K with HDR movies on your PC, but only if you have Intel’s new chip

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Sony introduced its 4K movie streaming service, Ultra, at CES this year in coordination with its release of its 4K HDR TVs. Now the company is teaming up with Intel to bring its streaming service to any PC that has an Intel 7th Gen Core processor, which Intel introduced at IFA this week. Ultra will be available in January.

Called Kaby Lake, Intel focused on making these new chips 4K streaming friendly, so they can handle multiple 4K streams, play 360-degree content, and run VR and AR applications. Finding 4K content for PCs has been notoriously difficult because of copy protection. Basically, if you're on a PC it's a lot easier to record a film than if you're watching it on a TV, so film companies are hesitant to let people stream. But Intel's new chips support all the latest and greatest forms of DRM, which is likely why Sony is partnering with the company. More than 100 devices with 7th Gen Core processors are planned to be on the market during the holidays this year.

These PC owners will be able to rent Sony films for 48 hours, as opposed to only being able to buy them. New releases cost $29.99 to own in 4K with HDR, whereas a 48 hour rental costs $7.99. Older titles cost $25.99 to buy. You'll also have the chance to preview a free 10 minutes. Soak in that glorious 4K with HDR before you have to start paying up. Your friends will be hella impressed with all your movie previews.