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Wacom's new stylus works without Bluetooth but you still have to charge it

The Bamboo Omni

Wacom is refreshing its lineup of Bamboo styluses and will release the Bamboo Omni, a fine-point stylus designed for Android and iOS devices, in November. The Bamboo Solo and Duo have both been redesigned, and should offer improved interaction with touchscreen devices. The Duo will also come with a replaceable ballpoint pen at the opposite end of the stylus.

Wacom Bamboo Duo

Wacom Bamboo Duo.

Wacom says the Bamboo Omni will instantly work on Android and iOS devices without Bluetooth — all it needs is a simple twist to turn on. It utilizes Reflective Electro Static (RES) technology for improved accuracy on capacitive displays. Just like the Apple Pencil, you'll need to charge the Bamboo Omni, but you can charge it using a USB port rather of shoving it into the bottom of an iPad. The Bamboo Omni will be available in black and white in November for $50, while the updated Bamboo Solo and Duo are now available on Wacom's website for $20 and $30, respectively.