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Bowers & Wilkins' best headphones are now wireless

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The P7 have been Bowers & Wilkins top headphones in its lineup since they were released in 2013, and are widely viewed as some of the best headphones in the sub-$500 price range. But while the smaller, on-ear P5 has had a wireless version for over a year, the over-ear P7 have been stuck with a wired version, a problem that Bowers & Wilkins hopes to solve with the release of the new P7 Wireless at IFA 2016.

perfect for any new smartphone that might lack a headphone jack

As the name suggests, the P7 Wireless is simply a wireless version of the original P7, with the same sound engineering and premium aluminum and sheepskin materials, but with the added option of connecting via aptX-encoded Bluetooth to your music-playing device of choice (making them perfect for any new smartphone that might lack a headphone jack). Bowers & Wilkins claims that the P7 Wireless can go for up to 17 hours of music before the battery gives out. The headphones also feature a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for wired listening as a backup solution.

The wireless tech (and the associated battery to power it) comes at a bit of a cost, adding roughly 35g of weight compared to the wired version. There’s also a monetary price to pay for the wireless option, with the P7 Wireless available now for $399.99, versus the $349.99 for the original wired P7.