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Logitech announces $69.99 Prodigy gaming range with mouse, keyboard, and headset

Logitech is announcing the launch of its Prodigy gaming line today, which consists of a mouse, a keyboard, and a headset. All of them will cost $69.99 when they’re released later this month.

Here’s what you need to know about the set:

The G403 mouse has six programmable buttons, onboard memory, an optional 10g weight, a 200 to 12,000DPI resolution, and a 2-meter-long cable.

The G213 is a full keyboard that has 12 programmable function keys. At only $69.99, it's cheaper than most of Logitech's other keyboards, so you'll least have an affordable way to display 16.8 million colors on your desk.

The G231 headset’s headphones have a 40mm driver, a 20Hz to 20KHz frequency, and a 2-meter-long cable; its microphone has a 50Hz to 20KHz frequency.


Logitech sells a whole lot of gaming mice for $69.99 and below, and honestly, I’m having a hard time distinguishing them from one another. The hardware on the recently released G Pro has the same resolution, sensor, and number of buttons as the Prodigy G403, for example. They’re both the same price, too. So really, Logitech’s just iterating on design here.

This is the G Pro:


This is the G403:


Your mouse choice, at least if you’re loyal to Logitech, comes down to the mouse’s weight and design. Do you want rubber grips and a shape designed to fit in your hand? Go with the Prodigy version. Would you rather have a mouse that’s simpler in design and has a classic look? Go with the Pro. You’re getting the same mouse, but in the shape you most want. Choice!