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TiVo's new Bolt+ has six 4K tuners and a 3TB drive to hold it all

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TiVo unveiled the newest product in its Bolt lineup today, the Bolt+. Like the original Bolt, the Bolt+ can stream and record 4K content. But unlike the first Bolt, TiVo’s new plus version comes with 3TB of storage (compared to 1TB in the old Bolt) and six tuners (as opposed to four). Who doesn’t want more tuners? Now viewers can record a lot more footage and actually have the room to store it; TiVo says the Bolt+ can hold 450 hours of HD content.

TiVo describes the Bolt+ as a "streamer plus cable box, DVR, and PLEX client all in one." Plex! Tuners! So many things! The new box also comes with SkipMode for skipping commercials, and QuickMode, which lets you watch your show 30 percent faster while having the audio pitch-corrected. Both of these were available in the first Bolt.

The Bolt+ will be online starting September 15th and will cost $499.99 (not including a subscription fee).