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Summer is over, and Onkyo’s new Wi-Fi speaker is ready to mourn

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Onkyo advertises its new NCP-302 speaker as being able to connect to most any streaming service, including Play-Fi, Cast, Apple AirPlay, Onkyo’s own FireConnect, and Bluetooth. There’s also auxiliary inputs. That's choice.

The NCP-302 has dual three-inch woofers and a one-inch tweeter, which are encased in wood. The speaker is controlled through Onkyo's iOS / Android app, although it does also come with built-in controls. This speaker is definitely competing more with Sonos than Jawbone. We don't have pricing info yet, but it's supposed to come out later this year in white and black.

The speaker’s pretty average features-wise and isn’t even Onkyo’s first streaming speaker, but we’re loving the design. It’s pleasant to look at and would fit into most any living room. Sometimes that's all we need.