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Amazon makes it easier to put Alexa in every room with Dot multipacks and ESP

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Echo Spatial Perception makes it easier for multiple Echos to work together

Amazon says the future of digital assistants isn't just a talking computer in your kitchen — it's a talking computer in every room in your house. To make that dream a little more accessible, the company is now selling multipacks of its new, upgraded Echo Dot, which will ship to UK customers October 20th. If you buy five Dots at $49.99 apiece you get one free; if you buy 10 you get two free. That means a six-pack will cost you $249.95 while a 12-pack is $499.99.

echo dot multipacks

The updated Dot was announced at an event in London this morning, alongside availability of the Echo in the UK and Germany. Both the Echo and the Dot are now also available in white and black, and Amazon says the number of Alexa skills has risen to more than 3,000. To make it easier to fill your house with ambient computing, the company also says it's built a new feature named Echo Spatial Perception or ESP into the devices. This means that when multiple Echos or Dots hear your voice, only the nearest will respond. ESP will also be rolled out to existing devices.

Update September 14th, 7:45AM ET: Updated with multipack pricing.