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Sony’s new 4K projector costs $15K and will eventually display live broadcasts

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Sony introduced its newest 4K HDR projector today, called the VPL-VW675ES. It’s an expensive device, priced at $14,999, but is also Sony’s (and the world’s) first to support Hybrid Log-Gamma, a standard which will eventually be used to air broadcasts in ultra HD. For now, it can stream content from most services, including Amazon and Netflix, works with 4K Blu-ray players, and uses HDCP 2.2 on its two inputs. The VPL-VW675ES displays in 1,800 lumens and has a contrast ratio of 350,000:1. The bulb also reportedly lasts for 6,000 hours.

This projector relies on Sony’s SXRD panels, which display every pixel needed for true 4K, according to CEPro. Essentially, Sony displays real Ultra HD images, as opposed to other companies, which kind of fake it. (Seriously, read that CEPro link.) Sports are gonna look great on your $15,000 4K projector, at least when all the networks start airing in that sweet resolution.