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You can buy LG's 77-inch OLED 4K TV for $20,000 this weekend

LG will even throw in a free tablet

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LG is finally releasing its 77-inch Signature OLED 4K TV, for a staggering $20,000. Given that LG's lineup of OLED TVs are widely seen as the best sets money can buy, the TV may actually be worth the price if you really want a monstrous display. The 77-inch Signature features HDR, with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10; ridiculously deep blacks, thanks to the OLED display; and runs on webOS 3.0 which can handle all of your smart TV needs.

LG 77-inch Signature OLED 4K TV

Of course for $20,000, you'd expect a few perks, and LG is ready to deliver them. Everyone who purchases a Signature OLED TV from LG will have access to LG Signature Concierge, a "24/7 VIP service" that will provide customers with one-on-one support for their very expensive TV. LG Signature Concierge can send a technician out to your house at any time for any issue with your TV, and the company will even give you a free LG G Pad tablet.

You can order LG's 77-inch Signature OLED 4K TV on September 17th from select retailers, with initial deliveries starting in October.