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Riding an animatronic horse while wearing a VR headset is the best of everything

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VR games can take you anywhere, and now, they can even carry you into the sky on the back of an eagle. What? Futuretown, a VR gaming company backed by former HTC CEO Peter Chou, announced its new hardware platform called 5D Totalmotion at the Tokyo Game Show today. The device is a motion machine that’s used in coordination with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or 3Glasses VR headset. The machine can have various modules screwed into it depending on the needs of whatever game is being played. So an animatronic horse body, for example, can be used to simulate riding a horse or eagle, or boots can strap users in for skiing.


Futuretown announced four VR games along with the introduction of the machine itself. The games include: Whiteout: Ski VR, Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR, Wave Breaker: Surf VR, and Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR. We've seen similar games from companies like VirZoom, which made a horse game, too. Clearly 5D Totalmotion isn’t a consumer device, unless you have room for an entire VR setup and a motion machine, in which case cool. The games and hardware will be available some time next year. Until then, I guess you’re just going to have to hunt down an animatronic bull in your city of choice. Wishin ya luck!