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Circuit Breaker

These headphones have built-in Spotify controls

The Hot Convict wants you to buy these smart headphones

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Muzik, the Twitter-backed company that's supposed to revolutionize headphones has shipped its first pair, the Muzik One. With the tagline "the smartphone of headphones," Muzik is trying to separate its "smart" headphones from the rest of the fray, and it packs some features to back up that claim.

(More importantly, Jeremy Meeks, better known as the Hot Convict is in the ad for these headphones, and that's really the only reason you need to watch the video.)

The Muzik One comes with programmable capacitive hot keys on the ear cups, and is integrated with a number of services including Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and IFTTT. That combination allows you to do things like play your favorite Spotify playlist or share a song to Facebook with a simple tap on your headphones.

The headphones — which retail for $299 and will compete against the likes of Apple's Beats and Samsung's Level On — also feature 40mm drivers, interchangeable cups that will allow you to switch between over-the-ear and on-ear cushions, 30 hour battery life, and dual microphones for phone calls. The Muzik One also comes with a 50-foot Bluetooth range for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 owners of the world.

Muzik One

Outside of the hot keys, it looks like the Muzik One stacks up rather nicely against the competition. Muzik says the headphones feature high-definition audio, as well as passive noise-isolation technology, which we will test out once we review them. But if you want to pick up a pair now, you can purchase the Muzik One headphones today in black, champagne, or silver from the company's website or on Amazon for $299.