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Samsung’s replacement Note 7s will be in US stores by September 21st

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If you've been waiting for an exchange, it's almost time

Moments ago Samsung announcement a formal, CPSC-backed recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States. And in a press release dealing with that news, Samsung also provided an update on when its new, replacement Note 7s (with safe batteries inside, hopefully) will reach retailers: they'll be arriving by next week. "We confirmed that new Note 7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21st, 2016," the company said in a statement.

It's possible that some carriers and retailers will receive stock earlier, but next Wednesday is the date Samsung is targeting to have most locations replenished and finally start moving beyond this ugly recall. Today's updated numbers revealed that Samsung has received 92 reports of battery-related incidents for the Note 7, including 26 reports of burns and 55 involving property damage.