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Will battery cases save the iPhone headphone jack?

Will battery cases save the iPhone headphone jack?

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DungJohnson (Imgur)

I know, you don’t even own an iPhone 7 yet (or maybe you're in line right now? If so: hey!) and you already miss the headphone jack. It's okay, I understand. I also have some hope for you. Maybe one day there will be a headphone solution for you. Maybe you won’t need the AirPods because you'll have a case that keeps the headphone jack alive. It probably won't be a reality any time soon, but at least we know one DIY fan is working to preserve the iPhone headphone jack.

A Reddit user, DungJohnson posted a photo of a case prototype his brother is working on that has two Lightning ports and a headphone jack. It uses "heavily modified" parts from an iPhone 6 battery case and is being tested on a 6S. We’d have a headphone jack and could listen to music while charging our phone without dongles or a dock? Yes, please.

Honestly, it’s only a matter of time until Mophie or another big brand releases a similar concept, but for now, this post’s for you tinkerers of the world who are trying to solve our headphone problems. Thank you.

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